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4 RG Banners

4 Roland Garros Banners (Roger, Ana, Novak & Andy M.)

seas would rise when I gave the wordCollapse )

56 Tennis Icons.

10x Ana Ivanovic
5x Misc WTA
4x Nicole Vaidisova
8x Jelena Jankovic
7x Maria Sharapova
3x Mirka Vavrinec
19x Roger Federer

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~Credit either: favouriteyear or marajade_icons

Resource Post

General Tennis Mood Theme

General Tennis Mood Theme.

Feat: Ana Ivanovic, Andy Roddick, Jelena Jankovic, Justine Henin, Maria Kirilenko, Maria Sharapova, Marat Safin, Roger Federer and one solitary appearance by Nicole Vaidisova

Live Preview

If some of the images look familiar (namely the Roger and Ana ones), it's because I took them from my previous mood themes.

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NB: If you want to download the mood theme and the links are broken, just comment on the entry and I'll re-upload it. :)

Previous Mood Themes:

Ana Ivanovic Mood Theme || Roger Federer Mood Theme

Ana Ivanovic Mood Theme.

Graphics Dump.

This is essentially a graphics dump. Of all the icons/graphics etc. sitting on my computer.:)


5 Friends Only Banners:
Roger Federer & Ana Ivanovic

35 Icons:
Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic, Justine Henin, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer & Celine Dion

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-Comment and tell me what you're taking.
-Donot hotlink/modify
-Credit please? either to favouriteyear or marajade_icons

Roland Garros Support Banners.

8 Roland Garros Support Banners (size: 500 px by 250 px), featuring:

2xAna Ivanovic
2xJelena Jankovic
2xMaria Sharapova
2xRoger Federer.


# You will need to download all images to your own servers to use the codes provided. In the given code, replace " *YOUR IMAGE URL HERE * " with the link to where you've uploaded your image, otherwise the codes won't work.

# Comment and tell me what you take.

# Credit is included in the code.

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Roger Federer Mood Theme.

Roger Federer Mood Theme.

This mood theme, obviously is for plus accounts and paid accounts.

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35 Tennis Icons.

10 x Ana Ivanovic
15 x Roger Federer (feat. Mirka, Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras and Justine Henin)
10 x Maria Sharapova

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